Dear Society,

They say(who says) though they say a dream starts at night and its vision implemented by a thought and not a step. Here we are thinking about how to make our lives happy and contented without the consent of you but you never seem to let us be.  You tend to dictate how we should act or necessarily what we should do. Can i just be my own society? Can i?

You dictate our lives to a point where anything done out of the ordinary is seen as a mistake. We then tend not to do what we want and go for what makes you happy. You have dictated our thoughts to a point where our happiness is based om you and not me.

Dear Society, if then this is the case ,can we just share your power? Just a little. I want to know how it feels when everything is done and all we think about is how THE  society  will think of us. I want that power so that at least when i tend to act i am at peace with myself. You are too much to a point that i doubt my self esteem. A little of this power will enable me be my own society, a society that i can blame because i am accountable for the actions i take. Not a society that condemns me even without saying a word. Why though?

You have conditioned me to think if i associate myself  with certain individuals most especially bad company i am like them. NO. Its not always the case,sometimes one among many is always the good sheep but because of you, even the good sheep is forced to be the bad one.

I am pleading with you to view things in depth and not in sight. Know what is really going on then feel free to give your judgement. You have even forced us to fit in,fit in where we do not belong…why though? Why?

Dear society, one question for you,,did you find another society before you became you? DID YOU?




One among many.


Love is the greatest commandment;

We all have been loved, loved,and wanted to be loved.

Love is the sweetest medicine prescribed, but at times things associated with love wants us to doubt love. The basic and most sincere type of love is Jesus’ love to mankind (we all know that story right?)

When someone says they love you, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?……RELATIONSHIP. For many that is the first thought. Simply because someone says they love you and try to act like it, i didn’t say ACT LIKE IT, rather TRY TO ACT LIKE IT, does that mean that that’s love? Is love time conscious, or does it have rules? Can i love with no reason? A sincere type of love?

Love makes us slaves of it, we tend to be victims and look stupid when in love. Just because we love someone, we let them hurt us, play around with our feelings and emotions all in the name of love. I LOVE YOU can be the most  dangerous words that can destroy us or build us and more importantly our esteem.

I crave for a sincere type of love, a love with no conditions,a love that is genuine,a love that is slow and a love that can be the sweetest medicine prescribed. I long for that day when we will see each other as love and not how we do(we know how we do). I recently met a person who believes in love to a point that they make love their RELIGION. They have taught me that love is not based on the physical appearance,how we talk and even how we live. Love is what is inside you,how you perceive things,how you live with others, the sincerity   in you. That love is everything around you,it just depends on how you want to perceive it.

Love is when you put another person’s interest before yours but then too much of it makes people take advantage of you. Because of this many stop being charitable and even showing love because they are afraid of being taken advantaged of or even their acts being taken for granted. There is no greater feeling than that of love being reciprocated. WE ALL WANT THIS, DON’T WE?

Have you ever looked at someone and wish that you just love them, for no apparent reason? Have you?

I wish love was some human you and I would ask questions and definitely get answers. Probably like why does love hurt? Some would say because of expectations. That I agree. How do we get to know when experiencing a sincere type of love?Do I make a surgery of your heart and look beneath it to know? I do not want PRETENSE, I want love. A sincere type of love,with no reason,no condition,no expectation and no commitment. I WANT A SINCERE TYPE OF LOVE.

Love is a gift,

You are love,

You are a gift.